ECS Chicago section

Spring 2016

Chicago Electrochemical Society Section Spring Event:                        “Argonne Tour and Dinner Meeting”

       April 2016 at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)


The search for low-cost renewable power sources has intensified internationally as the concerns about global climate change increase with the increasing cost of fossil fuels. The demands for higher energy density battery systems are fueled by the increasing public interest in the new transportation technologies like hybrid electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles; non-caloric energy such as wind and solar.

Dr. Qu “Rechargeable Lithium Sulfur Batteries – the Mechanism of Sulfur Redox Reaction” at Argonne National Laboratory.

MJS Deyang Qu lab 2.jpg

photos from Johnson Controls. These show Professor Deyang Qu, who is coming to the University of Wisconsin from University of Massachusetts-Boston. His research focuses on next-generation lithium air batteries for electric vehicles.

DSC01426          DSC01428

Transportation Center and Advance Photon Source Tour.

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Social Event at Argonne National Laboratory

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